About Us

Our company specializes in software testing. We are a group of professionals with years of experience in love with our business. We strive for excellence in all we do.
We will be happy to organize software testing in your company - be it start from scratch, build or improvement of processes. We will train your employees and help you find competent people. Save your time and money by automating test cases. We will conduct an audit of work of testers and testing processes, create a plan for their improvement.

Our Mission

To help organizations, firms and corporations make the best and most competitive software, and this cannot be achieved without highly professional quality control of software and debugging of testing processes. But the main thing in these processes is people. We are ready to provide you with our employees or help to select, train and unleash the potential of applicants.

Our Values







We are always completely sincere and absolutely open with our customers – you can easily contact us, we always respond promptly and at any time keep you up to date with the real situation. In all of our services, we strive for excellence – be it services, training or audit.

Our Services

Software testing needs to be launched and organized. Often the process has not been started or it is handled by non-core specialists – developers, analysts, etc. This badly affects the quality of the software product – many bugs are missed. Software testing is important not only to organize correctly, but also to build and improve. Our company will help you build processes from scratch or improve existing ones. We will create a test strategy for you, test plans for each project, and describe test scenarios in detail. We will analyze and improve the test cycle by removing unnecessary links from it. We will introduce the most appropriate methodology.

Testing a project involves a lot of time with a lack of human resources. But there is a solution – test automation for their further launch by your experts. We will be happy to write self-tests that test UI and API applications, as well as test its resistance to load. The staff of your company will be able to launch them and it is not at all necessary that these are testers!

In the market of applicants it is difficult to find highly qualified personnel. But there is another reason – often the potential of the applicant does not lie on the surface. And it is very important to recognize a good candidate who will work for you and will remain for a long time in your company. We will develop a set of measures for competent selection and help you find the best of the best.

Can’t find an employee? Why not grow your own? We will be happy to train your employees from scratch to become greate QA engineers and Test Automation specialists.

Often development goes slower than it’s planned. This leads to loss of time, company funds and customer dissatisfaction. There are several reasons: insufficiently well-organized processes, lack of employees or incomplete disclosure of their potential, as well as low labor productivity. Our experts will be happy to help you increase the efficiency of your departments – we will audit the quality of software, development processes and the testing team. We will give recommendations and create a strategy for embedding software testing proccess into the software product development cycle.

Our Works

Automated test for web application

Automated test for mobile application

Our Clients

Our Vacancies

Our company is looking for an experienced person to become part of our team. You have to solve complex and interesting problems with us aimed at improving products, participate in discussions of solutions, develop new test cases and autotests. Democratic atmosphere, unlimited opportunities for development.

• Detection, documentation and tracking of bugs
• Manual testing
• Participation in task setting

• Knowledge of testing methods and techniques
• Testing experience of web and mobile applications from 3 years
• Experience in the command line of Windows and Linux
• Knowledge of SQL
• Experience with Git / Bitbucket
• Experience with bug accounting systems

Will be a plus:
• Experience writing autotests in Java, C #, Python or any other language
• Experience in Kanban and Agile environments
• English – reading technical literature

• Interesting and challenging tasks
• Competitive salary
• Lack of bureaucracy

Our team is looking for a Quality Assurance Engineer with a good knowledge of test automation.

• Work in a cross-functional and partially remote team
• Development of test plans and test cases, writing bug reports
• Automation of test cases
• Code support of automation framework
• Building CI / CD

• Experience in writing autotests for web and mobile applications from 3 years
• Ability to work in Kanban and Agile environments
• Good understanding of architecture of Web, API and mobile applications
• Experience in creating frameworks for automated tests

• High salary
• Teamwork with strong professionals
• Possibility of training and certification
• Best hardware and software
• Democratic leadership, lack of bureaucracy

Our Coordinates


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